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The Different Methods to Help You Designing Ceiling Murals

Ceiling murals are artwork painted directly onto the ceiling.

Though Ceiling Murals are painted, there are different methods to create the art, which include trompe l’oeil, fresco, stencils, and decals.

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Murals created using the trompe l’oeil method are eye-catching because they appear three dimensional. The artist uses this method of to create an and make the ceiling seem larger and the subjects look alive. The Jesuit Church in Vienna, Austria, contains Ceiling Murals that looks like when in fact it is barely vaulted.

Murals painted in the fresco method are done with a mixture of paint and plaster. The fresco method was popular during the Renaissance period and many churches throughout Europe have fresco ceilings. The artist adds pigment to a thin layer of plaster and paints in small sections. As the plaster dries, the pigment binds to the plaster and forms a permanent image.

Today’s artists often utilize modern techniques to create Sky Ceiling Murals. The use of stencils and decals are considerably less expensive and less time consuming. This makes it more attractive to individual homeowners who wish to have ceiling mural in their homes. The most for Ceiling Murals are nurseries, children’s rooms, and because the artwork will be seen as the person lies in bed. Common mural themes include stars or constellations, clouds, and angels.

Artists who create ceiling murals using stencils start with a specific design and either order a custom stencil or hand cut their own. The stencil is then taped on the ceiling with removable tape and the artist follows the stencil to paint the outline. The remaining image is then filled in with paint by hand. Typically, stencils work best for a simple repeating design such as clouds, vines, or flowers.

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