Recycled Glass Tiles Add Beauty Your Kitchen and Bathroom Decor

Most companies who are producing Recycled Glass Tiles are using anywhere from 30% up to 100% post consumer waste of glass. Recycled Glass Tiles are produced by melting down waste glass or unusable glass in a heated furnace in which the temperature will exceed over 2000 F. The molten glass is then stamped or poured into their appropriate mold, hand ... Read More »

The Different Methods to Help You Designing Ceiling Murals

Ceiling murals are artwork painted directly onto the ceiling. Though Ceiling Murals are painted, there are different methods to create the art, which include trompe l’oeil, fresco, stencils, and decals. Murals created using the trompe l’oeil method are eye-catching because they appear three dimensional. The artist uses this method of precise imagery to create an optical illusion and make the ... Read More »

Contemporary Dining Chair Best Looking Factors

Contemporary Dining Chair The first thing to look for in contemporary dining chair is a clean-lined appearance. If you start with that, you’ll be able to choose a model that even has a printed pattern; otherwise, there will be too much detail for a modern style. You don’t necessarily have to pick a Parson’s style of chair in which there ... Read More »