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Looking the Best Corner Pergolas to Make Your Yard Look Amazing

Here, the picture of corner that you can use for your yard.

Luxurious wooden corner pergola picture

Luxurious wooden corner pergola picture

The different types of corner pergolas can be classified according to the pergola’s shape, material, and its structure. Despite these different types, corner pergola will always have three constant features: flat roof, an open view, and its location on corner. The flat roof especially distinguishes the pergola from similar , such as and gazebo, both of which have an inverted V-shaped roof.

When it comes to the shape, corner pergolas have three basic types, the most basic of which is the .

Exotic wooden corner pergolas ideas

Exotic wooden corner pergolas ideas

As the name suggests, triangular shape corner pergolas is shaped like triangle containing three sides and corners, with two of its sides fitted into the corners of or wall. The second type is the semi-circular pergola, having one curved side, looking like out of whole pie. The rounded shape is usually dictated by the circular shape of the roof and of the flooring.

Elegant green corner pergola design

Elegant green corner pergola design

Corner pergolas can also be made out of different materials, though many designers and garden owners prefer wood as the main material. Choosing wooden pergola gives earthier feel and sense of unity with the garden’s natural motif. For contrasting and contemporary look, metals such as iron and steel can be chosen.  For more weather-resistant and affordable choice, vinyl or polyvinyl chloride materials, the same material used for pipes, is ideal choice, since it does not rust and decay as much, compared to metal and wood.

Corner pergola design ideas

As for the structure, corner pergolas can either be free-standing or side-walled one. The free-standing kind requires four or more posts to support the roof and create the overall shape of the pergola. The side-walled corner pergola, on the other hand, has panels installed on its two sides, limiting the one side as the only entryway.

Corner Pergolas

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