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Exterior Designs

Various Types of Porch Fences in Order to Choose the Perfect One for Your House

Porch fences may be used for ornamental purposes or for functionality, and many provide both. Privacy porch fence has solid construction, typically of wood, and does not allow neighbors to see through the enclosure. Alternately, semi-private porch fences may conceal the area, while allowing illumination and fresh air to come through. For practicality, many choose to install wrought iron porch ... Read More »

Several Ideas For Having The Best Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Here are some amazing outdoor fireplace designs ideas that you can implement. While indoor fireplaces are commonly seen, an outdoor fireplace can be a great idea. Utilizing the free outdoor space to have a fireplace is a smart option you can think of. Imagine sitting besides the fireplace in your backyard with your spouse on a cold evening…Romantic! Isn’t it? ... Read More »